Illegal immigrates assault an Italian TV Troupe!

Illegal immigrates assault an Italian TV Troupe!

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King of all media Howard Stern on Trump: Shocking audio

‘Trump loves the people in Hollywood’

(INTELLIHUB) — The king of all media Howard Stern told his audience that Donald Trump and his wife Melania once attended his wedding some years back and how the couple surprisingly had a great time.”

Shortly after Stern broke out and told his listeners:

“I’m one of those guys that when I have a party a party […] am am so nervous.”

But later on “[…] it was odd for me personally [when] Donald Trump announced his [run for the ] presidency,” Stern said, who sees Trump in a different light.

During the broadcast Stern also mentioned just how difficult it must be to be the President of the United States. ‘It’s not like running a business,’ Stern said.

“It’s not black and white.”

Stern also mentioned that he has spoken with Donald Trump on the phone before and feels that Trump has stepped into a ‘serious situation as President — which he may not want to be in.’

“He didn’t need this in his life,” Stern said.

Stern admitted how he had complemented Trump on one of his properties in a previous conversation.

“He is sincere in his belief that he is doing well for the country.”

Trump “is not used to having a boss.”

Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers pointed out how various celebs are not friends with Trump anymore and how controversy has arissen.

One guy who called into the Howard Stern Show said these people [the elites] want “world control.”

On Saturday, radio talkshow host Alex Jones chimed in to say that Donald Trump is “real” and mentioned how Howard Stern is now ‘attacking’ Trump.

‘Trump is totally committed,’ Jones said who has been a former guest on Stern’s show.

Jones said that Stern is ‘undermining Trumps credibility’ with his recent comments.

Stern was “trashing The Apprentice” on air.

“Again, I don’t want to fight with Howard Stern [but] “the facts are the facts,” Jones said.

Lexi Morgan is an exclusive weapon reporting for Intellihub News & Politics.

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Featured Image: “On March 21, 1994, Stern announced his candidacy for Governor of New York under the Libertarian Party ticket, challenging Mario Cuomo for re-election.” (Ted Van Pelt/Flickr)

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KNOW THE FACTS: North Korea lost close to 30% of its population as a result of US bombings in the 1950s

From the Truman Doctrine to Obama. The history of the 1950s Korean war confirms that extensive war crimes were committed against the Korean people. As confirmed by the statement of General Curtis Lemay:

“Over a period of three years or so we killed off – what – twenty percent of the population.”1

North Korea lost close to thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. US military sources confirm that 20 percent of North Korea’s population was killed off over a three period of intensive bombings:

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A Trip To El Jeffe’s Hunting Shack

The Montana Bigfoot Project: A Trip to El Jeffe's Hunting Shack
The group's 4 day expedition into the mountains where the squatch live.

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Many Brits believe technology could take over humanity by 2036

It sounds like the script of a sci-fi movie, but this story is real. New research suggests that many Brits believe that robots will outnumber humans in 20 years and that many people will swap humans for computers when it comes to romance.

But this doesn’t just mean we’ll be surrounded by cyborgs as we walk down the street. It means that computers will be doing many of the things humanity depends on itself to do right now.

The findings come from a survey of more than 2,000 British adults. The research was inspired by predictions made by Imperial College London’s Tech Foresight research team ahead of London Technology Week, an event celebrating innovation with the UK’s capital city.

David Gann, vice president of innovation at Imperial College London, said:

“London’s technologists, scientists, medics and entrepreneurs are creating the future. No city in the world enjoys London’s quotient of talent, technology culture and capital. It is a potent combination.

London is an environment where ideas flourish, design and innovation is embraced, and new technologies are transforming our lives for the better. In London, we don’t stand still.”

Cloning Humans by 2036?

Half of the respondents said they believed the world’s first cloned human will be born by 2036. According to NPR‘s website.

“Several European countries, including France, Germany and Switzerland, have banned the creation of cloned human embryos for reproductive or therapeutic purposes. England, Singapore, Sweden, China and Israel allow cloning for research, but prohibit it for reproduction.”

The survey also found that, in the next 20 years, people expect:

  • The fashion industry will be significantly changed by technology (57%)
  • The first artificial intelligence (AI) machine will serve on the board of a large company (23%)
  • Avatar girlfriends and boyfriends will be commonplace (19%)
  • Communication devices will be embedded inside the human body (37%) [1]

Technology is also expected to dramatically impact healthcare over the next two decades. A large majority of people surveyed said that by 2036, they expect to no longer have to physically visit their doctor. About 62% of respondents said they think doctors’ appointments will be routinely conducted via virtual reality (VR).

Robots Outnumbering Humans by 2036

Here’s where it gets scary: 14% of respondents expect robots to outnumber humans by 2036.

According to Accenture’s 2016 Digital Multiplier Report, the digital economy is likely to spike global economic output by $2 trillion by 2020, thanks, in part, to the development of new technologies and the public’s adoption of them.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said:

“London Technology Week shines a light on this hugely important sector of the economy and demonstrates how our city is open to trade, ideas and people from across the globe. Tech-savvy Londoners welcome new digital advances that are going to revolutionise the way that we live and it is crucial that we harness those ideas to help the capital work even better as a city.

As someone who has helped to run a successful business, I look forward to supporting the tech sector so it goes from strength to strength over the coming years.”

Too bad they didn’t take a survey of how many people want all of these developments.

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