Report: Sean Hannity to be fired by Fox News over Seth Rich murder coverage

(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last several weeks we have seen a massive corporate media operation targeting anyone who dares to cover the possible connection between hacked DNC emails, Wikileaks, and the murder of Seth Rich.

The media, with help from leftist groups like Media Matters, has gone into overdrive attacking any news outlet or reporter that even considers the possibility that Rich was murdered because he was the person who gave the emails to Wikileaks in the first place.

Now, one of the more prominent voices who have questioned the official story may soon pay for it with his job.

According to a report by independent journalist Joe Biggs, a source close to Hannity has revealed that the popular Fox News host will be fired sometime next week as a result of his coverage of the Seth Rich conspiracy.

“I had a conversation with a source close to Hannity who showed me an internal email at fox where Adam Housley spoke to Sean and he said he believes he will be fired next week sometime by Fox News for his coverage of the Seth Rich murder,” reported Biggs.

The report also claims that a source within the FBI may soon provide documents that prove that Rich was indeed in direct contact with Wikileaks.

If Hannity is fired it would prove once again that the entire establishment is unbelievably scared about the real details surrounding the horrific death of Rich and essentially wants the entire story squashed for good.

Stay tuned as Intellihub will continue to cover the Seth Rich murder story regardless of any threats or attacks by the deep state shills throughout the media.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor f0or Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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New revelations shed light on extent of NSA spying under Obama

In the waning years of the Obama administration, the National Security Agency (NSA) swept up and reviewed the communications of Americans to an extent previously unknown, in direct violation of the Constitution and its own revised guidelines, recently unsealed documents reveal.

The NSA is authorized to collect intelligence on foreigners under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). With this type of intelligence collection, it is virtually inevitable that Americans’ communications will be incidentally intercepted, however there are procedures in place to keep those communications protected and anonymous.

Typically, when an American citizen is swept up in NSA surveillance, they are supposed to be “masked” to protect their identity, but there are large loopholes in place that allow the NSA to spy on Americans without a warrant or any probable cause whatsoever.

When the NSA conducts what is known as “upstream collection” of internet communications, it is impossible to target a single email, instead sweeping up “packets” of data containing several messages. The NSA is supposed to sift through the data packets and discard all but the targeted email(s).

That alone poses some privacy issues, as before they are discarded the NSA can momentarily see the contents of the communications, but, when coupled with the NSA’s targeting practices, the problem expands to a serious violation of American constitutional rights.

Before the “sift and discard” procedure takes place, upstream collections are stored in databases which the NSA uses when it seeks intelligence on a particular target. To find what it is looking for, the agency enters key terms, known as “selection terms,” usually an email address or phone number related to the target. However, for years American intelligence agencies have not only looked at communications to and from a targeted individual, but any communication related to the target. That means the NSA has a much wider berth to analyze Americans’ communications.

In summary, the NSA incidentally collects and stores intelligence on Americans when conducting surveillance on foreign targets. The information is supposed to either be masked or discarded, but the way the NSA uses its databases allows the agency to get around the rules and essentially spy on American citizens.

But that is only the beginning.

In 2011, FISA procedures for the masking of American citizens’ identity were proving insufficient, most notably the use of identifiers of Americans as “selection terms” in NSA database searches. This prompted a rule change that “categorically prohibited NSA analysts from using U.S.-person identifiers to query the results of upstream Internet collection,” a FISA court opinion said.

After that change in procedure, the NSA was not supposed to use American selection terms in searching through its database of intercepted communications, but the agency did not follow the rules. The use of American identifiers was so widespread after the 2011 revision that by the time the Obama administration came to an end, the scope of the violations had still not been determined.

“The rules from 2011 forward were simple: Do not use American identifiers,” writes National Review’s Andrew McCarthy. “Yet NSA used them — not once or twice because some new technician didn’t know better. This violation of law was routine and extensive, known and concealed.”

There was a three-fold increase in NSA data searches about Americans in 2011, the same year the masking procedures were supposed to be revised and improved.

According to internal documents obtained by Circa’s John Soloman and Sara Carter, the illegal spying may involve up to 5 percent, or one in 20, of all NSA database searches derived from upstream collection, what amounts to a massive quantity of data.

The Obama administration was aware of the abuses, but did not disclose them until late October 2016, just months before the former president left office.

Under a court deadline to renew surveillance authorities under FISA, officials in the Obama administration apparently stalled and stonewalled to such an extent that the court would accuse the administration of “an institutional lack of candor” regarding “a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

In an attempt to ensure that only foreign communications are targeted, Trump’s DOJ has proposed a new change in procedures which have been approved by the FISA court. That change would eliminate searches that pertain to anything about the target in question, limiting the NSA to searching only for people in direct communication with the target.

Adding to the list of unauthorized wars in seven countries, an unprecedented crackdown on whistle blowers, other NSA spying abuses, targeting political enemies with the IRS and a number of other scandals, the Obama administration has left behind quite the legacy.

Via The Daily Sheeple

Will Porter is a staff writer and reporter for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up – follow Will’s work at our Facebook or Twitter.
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Despite family’s pleas, the search for truth about Seth Rich continues

After a dizzying week of unsubstantiated claims and anonymous rumors, it’s time to look at what we actually know about Seth Rich’s murder. 

On Tuesday May 16, Fox5 in Washington D.C. released a report claiming that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks prior to his murder in July 2016. The report claimed a private investigator hired by Rich’s family has found tangible evidence of a connection to Rich and WikiLeaks. According to D.C. police, Rich was shot twice in the back as part of a botched robbery in D.C.’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. He has been suspected as the possible source for the DNC leaks which began last summer during the presidential campaign.

The news report was quickly debunked or hailed as proof (depending on where or if you fall along the left/right political paradigm) of Rich’s connection to the leaks. Wheeler initially stated he had seen evidence “on Rich’s laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death.” However, within 48 hours Wheeler backed off his claims, at one point telling CNN, “I only got that [information] from the reporter at Fox News.”

Only days after Wheeler backed off his claims, Fox News officially denounced the story promoted by Wheeler and an apparent “anonymous federal investigator.” Fox News writes:

On May 16, a story was posted on the Fox News website on the investigation into the 2016 murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich. The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed. We will continue to investigate this story and will provide updates as warranted.

The New York Times and other deadstream outlets were quick to point the finger on various “far right” and “conspiracy theory” websites for reporting on the developments. The Times claimed “Mr. Assange was trying to protect his reputation” and that Alex Jones, the founder of Infowars, is trying to sell more Fluoride Shield supplement.

Meanwhile, Seth Rich’s parents and brother released statements asking researchers to drop the case. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, the Riches accuse media outlets of using their son’s memory for their own political gain. “We ask those purveying falsehoods to give us peace, and to give law enforcement the time and space to do the investigation they need to solve our son’s murder,” they wrote.

Aaron Rich, Seth’s brother, also wrote a letter to Porter Berry, executive producer of “Hannity,” demanding that he force host Sean Hannity to stop promoting theories about his brother’s death. “As the family, we would hope to be the first people to learn about any such evidence and reasons for Seth’s death,” Aaron Rich wrote in the letter which was viewed by CNN. “It is a travesty that you would prompt false conspiracy theories and other people’s agendas rather than work with the family to learn the truth.”

The pleas from the family and the retraction of the Fox story did not slow down the pursuit for more information related to Seth Rich’s murder. The continued interest in the story was due in part to statements made last week and over the weekend by Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. Dotcom tweeted that he had evidence tying Seth Rich to WikiLeaks. He tweeted, “If Congress includes #SethRich case into their Russia probe I’ll give written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was @Wikileaks source.” Dotcom then promised to release a full statement on Tuesday after conferring with his legal team.

The statement was released on Tuesday as promised, but it provided no new information and only further fueled the abundant speculation into whether or not Seth Rich was connected to WikiLeaks in any way.  “I KNOW THAT SETH RICH WAS INVOLVED IN THE DNC LEAK,” read a statement on Kim.com.” I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich.”

Dotcom goes on to claim that “Panda” was working on voter analytics tools and wanted to change the political system from within. He said that he would be willing to provide a full statement in person to the U.S. Congress upon receiving a guarantee from Special Counsel Mueller that he would be allowed to travel unmolested from New Zealand to the United States.

Dotcom’s less than revealing statement was met with a mix of hope, disappointment, and attacks from establishment media. The Washington Post published a story accusing him of attempting to hack Seth Rich’s Gmail account to plant false evidence of a WikiLeaks connection.

The Post stated that Seth Rich’s Gmail account received a new alert in the last week from Mega.com, a website created by Kim Dotcom. “The latest revelation — that a hacker from New Zealand may have been trying as recently as this week to hack into Rich’s email — offered fresh evidence that the conspiracy theory is false,” The Post writes. “Dotcom, it seemed, may have been willing to create a fake archive of emails from Rich to “prove” his role in the DNC hack.”

Dotcom responded with his own open letter warning the Rich family and spokesman not to defame his name in their attempt to silence researchers. “I remain prepared to assist in the investigation, as I have said. While I want to show understanding to the family in this difficult time, I also maintain that what I have said is true and will be substantiated upon investigation.” Dotcom addressed what he called false statements from WaPo and Fox News. Dotcom continues to tweet about Seth Rich and is calling for a crowdfunded investigation into his death.

Kim Dotcom also encouraged his followers to support Texas Representative Blake Farenthold, “the lawmaker who has called for a real investigation into the murder of #SethRich.” Activist Post will continue to post developments if they come.

At this point it’s important to recognize that the only piece of “evidence” which point towards Seth Rich being involved with the DNC leaks and WikiLeaks rest on a couple of curious comments from Julian Assange and Twitter chat logs that are purported to have taken place between Robbin Young, a former Playboy model and actress, and the apparent hacker behind the leaks, Guccifer 2.0. In these direct messages Young and Gufficer converse about the origin of the DNC leaks. Readers should note that these messages have not been independently verified, but they can be viewed in their entirety on Young’s website.

We are left with the statement from Dotcom, comments from Assange, a discredited report, and unconfirmed chat logs. It is possible Rod Wheeler and Fox were threatened and told to stop reporting on Rich’s murder. Possible, yet lacking in evidence. There are still loose threads to be explored by researchers with the skill, time, and resources. For the rest of us, it may be important to focus on the fact that the U.S. government still has not conclusively proved that the 2016 Presidential Election was “hacked” by the Russian government.

Via Activist Post

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2
Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact Derrick@activistpost.com
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Debbie Wasserman Schultz likely involved in massive cover-up as she is caught trying to interfere in a criminal investigation, threatening police chief

(INTELLIHUB) — In an absolutely outrageous and transparent abuse of authority, former DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz used her position on a committee that sets the police force’s budget to not only attempt to undermine an active investigation but also to directly threaten the chief of the U.S. Capital Police.

During the hearing, Schultz spent nearly three minutes grilling the police chief over the confiscation of a laptop that is connected to an active investigation, going as far as trying to extract a promise that the computer would be returned, a move that if allowed to happen would surely hinder the criminal investigation.

After being told that the laptop was a key piece of evidence in the investigation, Schultz then preceded to publicly threaten the police chief!

“I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences,” the top Democrat told Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa.

The computer in question is being held by police in order to build a case against one of her staffers, Pakistani Imran Awan, who is suspected of being involved in a massive cybersecurity breach that includes “funneling sensitive congressional data offsite.” Awan is also accused of billing the government four million dollars for work that was never actually conducted.

“A federal employee with knowledge of the situation and who requested anonymity told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that as House authorities closed in on Imran Awan and his brothers, a laptop used by Imran was hidden in an unused crevice of the Rayburn House Office Building. Wasserman Schultz’s office is in Longworth House Office Building, a separate structure,” reported The DCNF.

Danny Gold of Liberty Writers also noted that, “When the situation became clear, the police confiscated a laptop from the former IT worker. That laptop TECHNICALLY belongs to Schultz’s campaign.”

“Also strange was that Politico described the relationship between Schultz and Awan as a “friendly personal relationship.”

When you consider how vile and openly criminal Wasserman Schultz was willing to be in a public hearing, one has to wonder if she is actually involved in the accused crimes herself. At the very least we now know she is actively trying to interfere in the investigation.

The Daily Caller report also noted that Wasserman Schultz refused to answer any questions about her disgusting actions at the hearing, immediately turning around to go back into the office she had came out of before being asked why she wouldn’t want the Capital Police to have all the evidence they need to build a criminal case.

This is a clear cut 100% example of corruption at the top of the Democratic Party that not only needs to be further investigated on its own but should also lead to a new investigation into why the former DNC chairwomen would want to directly protect accused Pakistani criminals.

You can read the entire transcript of the conversation below: (Courtesy of the Daily Caller)

DWS: I’d like to know how Capitol Police handle equipment that belongs to a member or staffer that’s been lost in the Capitol complex and found or recovered by one of your officers. What happens?

Chief: It’s processed on a PD-81 which is a property record, and depending on the property, depending on how you can legitimately determine ownership, it’s generally turned back over to the owner of a property. If it’s part of an ongoing case, then there are other things that have to occur for that to happen.

DWS: So if a member says there is equipment that has been lost, and you find it it would be returned to the member?

Chief: In a general sense, yes. You have to be able to positively identify the property and be able to establish ownership.

DWS: If ownership is established…

Chief: If it’s part of an ongoing case, then there are additional things that need to be done.

DWS: But if a member owns the equipment, and there is no ongoing case related to that member, then the equipment is supposed to be returned.

Chief: In a general sense, yes.

DWS: No, I mean in a specific sense. If the member loses the equipment, says they lose the equipment, and it is found by the Capitol Police, it is supposed to be returned.

Chief: If ownership has been established, it will be returned. If it’s subject to an ongoing investigation, there are additional things–

DWS: OK, but not an ongoing investigation related to that member. If the equipment belongs to the member, it has been lost, they say it’s been lost and it’s been identified as that member’s, then the Capitol Police are supposed to return it.

Chief: I can’t give a yes or no answer on that, because I know–

DWS: It’s a simple yes or no answer. If a member loses equipment and it is found by your staff and identified as that member’s equipment and the member is not associated with any case, it is supposed to be returned. Yes or no.

Chief: It depends on the circumstances.

DWS: I don’t understand how that is possible. Members’ equipment is members’ equipment. My understanding is the the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members’ equipment when the member is not under investigation. It is their equipment and it is supposed to be returned.

Chief: I think there are extenuating circumstances in this case, and working through my counsel and the necessary personnel, if that in fact is the case, and with the permission of through the investigation, then we’ll return the equipment. But until that happens we can’t return the equipment.

DWS: I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor f0or Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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Seth Rich likely murdered over Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One ties, the offloading of 20% of America’s uranium supply to the Russians

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Crucial information obtained by Intellihub regarding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich can not be overlooked and shall serve as a starting point in solving the case once and for all. The information contained herein this article is considered sensitive and needs to be shared with everyone, including high-level officials of the Trump Administration until the case is closed once and for all and the perpetrators are behind bars.

According to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Public Incident Report CCN #16113797 Seth Rich was shot at 4:20 a.m. on July 10, 2016.

The public narrative reads as follows: “CIC reports the sound of gunshots at 2134 Flagler Pl. NW. Upon arriving to the scene, the decedent was laying in the Southwest corner of the intersection of W St. and Flagler Pl. NW. The decedent was conscious and breathing with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back. The decedent was transported to local area hospital and was pronounced by attending physician at 0557 hours.”

The report makes it clear that the DNC staffer was “conscious and breathing” when he was transported to a local area hospital.

Based on a May 16 Intellihub report by Shepard Ambellas titled: “D.C. surgeon who operated on Seth Rich: ‘The DNC staffer was alive and well after surgery, before a group of LEOs showed up to the ICU’,” Rich was taken to Medstar Washington Hospital Center which is located just 3 minutes away from where he was shot.

Location A: Crime scene; Location B: Medstar Washington Hospital Center (Via MapQuest)

According to Ambellas’ report, “A 4-year resident surgeon at Washington Hospital Center claims that Seth Rich was alive and recovering well in facility’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after being treated for a total of 3 routine gunshot wounds — that is until a number of law enforcement officers arrived eight hours later kicking most everyone out of the ICU and physically barring doctors and others from attending to Rich.”

So who was attending to Rich as all of this was taking place?

MedStar Health’s website states: “Jack Sava, MD, is director of the Gold Surgery team at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Dr. Sava’s team manages a broad spectrum of urgent general surgical conditions (including problems of the intestine, gallbladder,
stomach, liver, and other abdominal organs) and staffs the MedStar trauma unit, a Level-1 trauma center.”

As director of the Gold Surgery team, Dr. Sava should have been in charge of the operation and would have been privy to access Rith’s room at all times.

Dr. Jack Alfred Sava, a.k.a. Jack A Kountoupes, a.k.a. Jack A Ateljevich, is related to Lisa M Kountoupes, according to Radaris records.

Additionally, the name “Sava Ateljevich” appears on the 2008 Bohemian Grove guest list.

Both Jack Sava and Lisa Kountoupes appeared on the MV DSCC 2015 guest list.

Moreover, Lisa Kountoupes was a co-host for the Kate McGinty “Democrat for United States Senate fundraiser,” along with the Podesta brothers which took place on Feb. 22, 2016, which can be found in the Wikileaks “Podesta emails.”

Lisa Kountoupeswas one of the Hill’s top lobbyists in 2016 and also reportedly lobbied for the Clinton’s.

Kountoupes also worked for the U.S. Department of Energy and has known ties to Uranium One, a Russian proxy company that Hillary Clinton offloaded 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to during her tenure in the State Department, as reported by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas in a January 2016, report titled: “Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore.”

The Hill reported in December 2011: “Kountoupes Consulting has been hired by Uranium One Inc. to lobby on “issues related to uranium mining and the uranium market.” Uranium One is more than half-owned by Atomredmetzoloto of Moscow. Lisa Kountoupes, former policy adviser to the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Shawn Whitman, a former chief of staff to Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), are working on the account.”

Kountoupes also appears on a participants list for a January 2017 Nuclear Fuel Supply Forum.

Lisa Kountoupes also visited the White House 23 times since 2009 and her last visit was on May 31, 2016, as posted on archive.is.

Lisa M. Kountoupes’s visit occurred on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Kountoupes made appointment number U16748 at 12:00 pm on May 26, 2016 through caller Jaime Kreager.
The appointment was scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm with Jaime Kreager in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building 276 and included a group of one person.
Originally scheduled to end at 11:59 pm, this visit should have lasted approximately 9 hours and was one of Kountoupes’s 23 total visits since 2009. The appointment is described in the records as “Request (Sf) Merge with Appointment # 656188”.
John Podesta visited the White House just 3-days later on May 26, 2016, according to archive.is.
John D. Podesta’s visit occurred on Thursday, May 26, 2016. Podesta made appointment number U15174 at 12:00 pm on May 24, 2016 through caller Zealan Hoover. The appointment was scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm with Zealan Hoover in the White House West Wing and included a group of one person.
Originally scheduled to end at 11:59 pm, this visit should have lasted approximately 9 hours and was one of Podesta’s 140 total visits since 2009.

Keep in mind that the last leaked email occurred on May 25, 2016.

All of this signifies that Seth Rich quite possibly was murdered over information he obtained regarding Clinton’s dealings with the Russians.

Please share this with everybody and comment below! This key information must get out.

H/T: Tabertronic/Twitter



Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (Intellihub.com). Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Get the Podcast. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.
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