Historians Claim to Have Found the Twin of Giza’s Great Sphinx

NASA satellite photo shows an obvious underground anomaly near the Great Sphinx.  Egyptologist Bassam El Shammaa has applied for permits to dig in the anomalous mound next to the Sphinx to look for its long lost twin. In addition, the article shares this telling quote from an interview with historian author Gerry Cannon: “The Sphinx had to have been carved when there was no sand there. You can’t carve a rock when it’s under sand. When it was not under sand was about 12,000 years ago and the Egyptians weren’t there.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Article mentions “NASA’s Endeavor Satellite” but there is no such satellite with that name.  Endeavor was a Space Shuttle orbiter which flew missions between May 1992 and May 2011. It deployed 3 satellites during that time, and had its own onboard cameras. So it is unclear what the article’s author is referring to as the source of the crucial aerial Giza photograph.

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