NHS ransom hack 'turns into recrimination' as Politcians BLAME each other for safety fails

Security chiefs yesterday warned that weak NHS IT systems could allow sinister forces to hack into personal data and deliberately change details such as blood types, with “catastrophic” consequences.

Just 24 hours before the attack the British Medical Journal published a warning about NHS vulnerabilities.

Dr Krishna Chinthapalli, a registrar at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, said: “Hackers know that hospitals are good targets. They are vulnerable and easy to penetrate and the data they hold is irreplaceable. The NHS was unprepared for such an attack. There is now a risk of it happening again and more frequently.”

The NHS accounted for 64 per cent of all Government data breaches between 2015-16.

Scottish trusts were the worst hit, with almost 60 per cent being attacked, while 79 English trusts – more than 33 per cent – were hit since June 2015.

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