Study proves electromagnetic fields from cell towers can amplify pain

If you’ve ever wondered if the thousands of cell phone towers and electromagnetic signals permeating society nowadays could be potentially harmful to your body, mind and to the natural environment, you’re not alone. A small minority of people are so sensitive to electromagnetic radiation they’ve even been forced to move into cave-like domiciles designed to insulate them from such signals. We are, after all, energetic beings, as are all lifeforms, and although something may lie outside of our ordinary perception does not imply that it is harmless.

It turns out that electromagnetic signals from cell phone towers do in fact directly affect the human body in physical ways, and surprisingly, for amputees, common cellular signals can amplify sensations of pain in the body, when in the presence of such emissions.

A recently completed study led by members The University of Texas at Dallas gives concrete evidence that these types of now ubiquitous signals can actually amplify pain in some amputees by immediately stimulating nerve tissue that had suffered traumatic damage.

Prior to this study, the bulk of research into cell tower radiation focused on people without any pre-existing conditions or serious health issues, however, when a disabled veteran who lost limbs in the Iraq war alerted his physicians to the fact that his sense of pain seemed to increase dramatically whenever his cell phone went into roaming mode, a study was launched to test this hypothesis on lab rats.

“Our study provides evidence, for the first time, that subjects exposed to cellphone towers at low, regular levels can actually perceive pain,” said Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega, senior author of the study and an associate professor of bioengineering in the University’s Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. “Our study also points to a specific nerve pathway that may contribute to our main finding.” [1]

This is the first study of its kind that has found a direct link to immediate physical changes in the human body when absorbing cell tower radiation.

“Until a recent study led by researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas was published online last month in PLOS ONE, there was no scientific evidence to back up the anecdotal stories of people, such as Underwood, who reported aberrant sensations and neuropathic pain around cellphone towers and other technology that produce radio-frequency electromagnetic fields.” [1]

To validate the wounded soldier’s claim that pain was amplified by cell tower signals researchers crafted a simulation using lab rats who were subjected to the types and levels of electromagnetic radiation that many of us are exposed to everyday.

“To test this, the team randomly assigned 20 rats into two groups — one receiving a nerve injury that simulated amputation, and the other group receiving a sham treatment. Researchers then exposed the subjects to a radiofrequency electromagnetic antenna for 10 minutes, once per week for eight weeks. The antenna delivered a power density equal to that measured at 39 meters from a local cellphone tower — a power density that a person might encounter outside of occupational settings.

Researchers found that by the fourth week, 88 percent of subjects in the nerve-injured group demonstrated a behavioral pain response, while only one subject in the sham group exhibited pain at a single time point, and that was during the first week.” [1]

These towers are being installed across the world right now, right amongst densely populated areas and even on public school grounds. Cell phones have already been proven to cause brain cancer, yet the both the cell industry and the general public refuse to consider this sufficient reason to re-think the use and widespread proliferation of this technology.

Now that we have evidence that cell tower signals can amplify pain, is it that unreasonable to consider that cell tower radiation may be causing other health problems that we simply have yet to identify?



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China begins new work on disputed South China Sea island

China has started fresh construction work in the disputed South China Sea, new satellite images show, a sign that Beijing is continuing to strengthen its military reach across the vital trade waterway.

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FBI won’t tell Apple how it hacked the iPhone, but vows to help local police

Just as privacy and civil liberties experts warned, the temporary truce between Apple and FBI hasn’t diffused the U.S. government’s efforts to fight encryption.

“We are in this together,” the FBI told law enforcement agencies around the country on Friday, promising to help local police access locked phones or other devices as much as “legal and policy constraints” allow.

According to news outlets, the bureau has faced a deluge of requests for assistance since announcing on Monday that it did not need Apple’s help decrypting the iPhone belonging to one of the alleged San Bernardino shooters. The FBI has not said publicly how it hacked the phone, or who helped it do so.

In response to such demands, the FBI issued an advisory to state and local authorities that that the Wall Street Journal said “seems to be aimed at reassuring police and prosecutors that while they don’t have much to tell them now, they hope to provide more information and possibly help in the near future.”

CBS News obtained the open letter, which read in part: “We know that the absence of lawful, critical investigative tools due to the ‘Going Dark‘ problem is a substantial state and local law enforcement challenge that you face daily. As has been our longstanding policy, the FBI will of course consider any tool that might be helpful to our partners. Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to help you consistent with our legal and policy constraints. You have our commitment that we will maintain an open dialogue with you. We are in this together.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, there are at least 63 similar cases pending across the country. Earlier this week, as Common Dreams reported, the bureau agreed to help Arkansas prosecutors break into an iPhone and iPod belonging to two murder suspects.

And the Wall Street Journal revealed on Thursday that the FBI was in fact testing its still-undisclosed unlocking method on other iPhones, “to see how many other versions of the device it could open.”

Privacy and civil liberties advocates had argued that forcing Apple to decrypt the San Bernadino phone—and in turn spurring the inevitable development and dissemination of such a tool—”would necessarily place at risk the security of millions of other devices and the people who use them.”

In February, the ACLU’s Noa Yachot warned that “[p]utting this powerful tool into the hands of law enforcement agencies that have a history of biased policing will compound existing disparities.”

“We know that there are existing disparities in policing and warrant execution practices,” Yachot wrote at the time. “Increased government investigative powers will simply reflect — and likely exacerbate — these disparities. In other words, already overpoliced communities are likely to be the recipients of these new age search warrants, which provide concerning government access to our digital data.”

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Scotland Yard Chief Wants CCTV Cameras in EVERY Home

The people of the United Kingdom are possibly the most group of people in the history of the world under surveillance. Forget the NSA’s ever-expanding reach over every form of communication imaginable. We’re talking cameras… everywhere. The City of London is equipped with thousands of them, so is Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and, well, like I said before, pretty much everywhere. In a nation of 64 million residents, there is one CCTV camera for every 11 people in the UK.

The British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) estimates there are up to 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras scattered throughout the UK, including 750,000 in “sensitive locations” such as schools, hospitals and care homes. This statistic was released in 2013 as well. Do you think they decided to halt the expansion of their Orwellian state at any point over the past two years? The safe bet is that these numbers have grown exponentially.

The truly remarkable and almost unfathomable piece of information regarding CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom is that no one really knows how many there are.

Simon Adcock, of the BSIA, said in 2013, “Because there is no single reliable source of data, no number can ever be held as truly accurate.” So basically what Simon is saying is that there are so many of these damn things, we lost count a long time ago. It appears the BSIA has guesstimated a number for the purpose of appeasing the general population.

And now for the kicker… There are apparently not enough surveillance cameras to spy on the innocent citizens of the United Kingdom, according to Scotland Yard.

Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, the head of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, is now urging residents to put CCTV cameras in their homes and businesses. Because safety. It gets better though…

Sir Bernard is encouraging inhabitants to install cameras at eye level, because according to the Scotland Yard chief,

Facial recognition software has got better, and we can now apply it to images of burglaries, and then compare them with images we take when we arrest people.

What we need to be able to do is to be able to compare that photograph with the images we have of people committing a crime.

Taking the tops of their heads is not that helpful for facial recognition which relies on the eyes and the configuration of the area around the nose and the mouth. So we’re trying to get people to, ideally, add a camera at face level.

If anyone listening has a business, think about installing a new one – they’re relatively cheap. If you can’t buy one, could you think about moving it?


Sir Bernard wants to encroach on the privacy of the good people of the United Kingdom to such a prodigious level, that he is encouraging them to install video cameras with facial recognition capabilities inside of their most personal of spaces? Wow.

Does the government really need to peer in on our most intimate moments of isolation to keep us secure?

Have we really come to a point in our civilization, in a supposed ‘free society’ mind you, where we put facial recognition equipped cameras in our homes?

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Why Isn't the US Protecting the Grid

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