ISDS System – Global Super Court For Corporations To Subvert Democracy

The Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) or investment court system (ICS) has a number of iterations. It is a system through which individual companies can sue countries for alleged discriminatory practices. One small example is where the tobacco company Philip Morris sued Uruguay after having enacted strict laws aimed at promoting public health. ISDS is found in international investment agreements, such as the Energy Charter Treaty, TTP, CETA, TTIP and the like.

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Orgies at Manila Hotel, Makati Shang marked US Navy sex and bribes scandal

A “raging multi-day party, with a rotating carousel of prostitutes” at the Makati Shangri-La and the use of memorabilia in the MacArthur Suite of the Manila Hotel for sexual acts. These were among the sleazy details in the indictment of a retired US Navy admiral and eight other ranking officers charged over a sex and bribery dubbed the “Fat Leonard” case.

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Anti-Capitalist Leader: "I Unapologetically Demand Men & White Womxn Pay Me"

Nazly Sobhi Damasio, founder of La Feminista Descolonial, an feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist platform, demanded this week that men and “white womxn” pay her “because they consume intellectual, emotional & creative labor 24/7 w/o my consent.”

Ms. Damasio further argued that she should be able to receieve that money and never be questioned about how she spends it, as that would be “gross, classist and frankly none of your business:”

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Trump Admin to review over 600 border wall design submissions, including one from Mexico

Ever so controversial border wall appears to be on track

(INTELLIHUB) — The Trump Administration is taking the next step to follow through on perhaps its most controversial campaign promise, the construction of a “big beautiful” wall along the southern border, as U.S. Customs and Border Protection has posted bid guidelines for contractors looking to submit proposals for the multi-billion dollar project.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued requests for proposals for prototypes for a wall along the Mexican border, saying ideally it should be 30 feet (9 meters) high and the wall facing the U.S. side should be “aesthetically pleasing in color.”

According to official documents, the wall should be built using concrete and be “physically imposing.” And although it looks like 30 feet is the desired height of the structure, designs over 18 feet high could be acceptable.

The design should also prevent humans from climbing to the top of the wall or gaining access the top of the wall from either side unassisted. According to specifications listed, “The wall design shall include anti-climb topping features that prevent scaling using common and more sophisticated climbing aids (e.g. grappling hooks, handholds, etc.).”

It is also requested that the structure should “prevent/deter for a minimum of 30 minutes the creation a physical breach of the wall (e.g., punching through the wall) larger than 12-inches in diameter or square using a sledgehammer, car jack, pick ax, chisel, battery operated impact tool.”

And for those thinking about tunneling under the wall, they can think again, because the wall’s specifications should prevent digging or tunneling below it for a minimum of 6 feet below the lowest adjacent grade.

Proposals are expected to be delivered by March 29 and contracts will later be rewarded based on the best rock solid 30-foot-long prototype which contractors will be required to build in San Diego.

President Trump has given a cost estimate of $12 billion for his border wall project but some analysts have placed the cost much higher, up to $25B.

Congressional Republicans have calculated an estimate more in line with the President’s, saying Trump’s wall would cost between $12 – $15 billion while Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly put the cost at about $21 billion. Kelly told Fox News in February that he expects “the wall will be built where it’s needed first, and then it will be filled in … I really hope to have it done within the next two years.”

Trump’s budget proposal allocates $1.5 billion for the border wall this year, with another $2.6 billion reserved for the project as a down payment in the following fiscal year. More money will also be heading to DHS to hire 500 new border patrol agents and 20 attorneys who can help procure land.

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security internal report seen by Reuters back in February maintains that the wall could take more than three years to construct and will be completed in three phases.

Via Reuters:

The report said the first phase would be the smallest, targeting sections covering 26 miles (42 km) near San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas; and in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley [while the] second phase of construction proposed in the report would cover 151 miles (242 km) of border in and around the Rio Grande Valley; Laredo, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; El Paso, Texas and Big Bend, Texas. The third phase would cover an unspecified 1,080 miles (1,728 km), essentially sealing off the entire U.S.-Mexico border.

Although Trump promised that Mexico would foot the bill for the wall, the fact that the president’s budget proposal requests money for the project has some now believing that U.S. taxpayers are officially paying for it.

“Trump is asking the Americans to pay for the wall,” Gov. Graco Ramírez of the Mexican state of Morelos said in a news conference on Saturday. “The first victory is ours.”

The President repeatedly promised during his campaign that “Mexico” is going to pay for the wall and has so far made good on a great number of his other campaign promises.

Over 600 designs for the wall are anticipated to be submitted by contractors, including one design from Mexico.

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On 21 October 2016, I headlined “An Email From Lynn Forester de Rothschild to Hillary Clinton, Against Elizabeth Warren” and reported extensive back-door funding of Hillary Clinton by the Rothschild family.

On 15 December 2016, I headlined “U.S. Gov’t. Is Secretly Allied with America’s Enemies“ and noted that:

Prior to Hillary’s becoming the U.S. Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation had collected a total of $10 million to $25 million from the Saud family and their vassals (the Sauds’ subordinate aristocrats, such as the bin Ladens — but all from official government accounts). As the U.S. Secretary of State, she and her State Department celebrated in 2011 the Saud family’s purchase of $29.4 billion worth of U.S. Boeing F15-SA bombers (which now were destroying Saudi Arabia’s neighboring country of Yemen, with American bombs); and, as Lee Fang of The Intercept noted about that, “As weapons transfers were being approved, both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Boeing made donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Washington Post revealed that a Boeing lobbyist helped with fundraising in the early stages of Hillary Clinton’s current presidential campaign.”

Then, on March 10th, Jack Burns of The Free Thought Project (a left-libertarian organization, which receives no funding from the Kochs or other billionaires) bannered “EXPOSED: Senator John McCain And His Ties To Saudis, Rothschilds” and he documented similar backdoor funding of John McCain.

John McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain II, headed the official “court of inquiry” into Israel’s 8 June 1967 military assault against the U.S.S. Liberty and he ruled that Israel had merely erred in having slaughtered its 34 U.S. sailors. (It was an entirely unprovoked attack.) However, that ‘finding’ was a cover-up. Ample evidence (such as presented here and here and here) proves that it was intentional and authorized at the top of Israel’s government and why they did it. So, after reviewing that and other evidence, I headlined on 30 September 2016, “Why Does U.S. Gov’t. Donate $38B to an Enemy Nation?” (referring to Obama’s commitment for U.S. taxpayers to donate $38 billion to Israel over the next ten years).

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