South Carolina Man Witnesses Two Red ‘Bigfoot’ Creatures

PACOLET, S.C. — A man in Spartanburg County claims he saw Bigfoot twice.

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The man reporting the sighting, Pacolet resident Charles MacDougall, told Cryptozoology News on Tuesday that he was out in the woods when he saw the creatures.

“I was hunting last deer season. When I saw it the first time I was totally astounded and thought I was seeing things,” said MacDougall, who also provided a phone number to talk about the event.

The man explains that a few weeks later, the Bigfoot creature showed up again.

“It was in the same area. I was so shocked I didn’t think about using my weapon.”

MacDougall described the animal as a 7-foot-tall biped with “reddish brown hair” at a weight of approximately 300 lbs.

“With this deer season fast approaching I will be hunting the same area again and this year I’m not sure that I won’t
use my weapon if i see this thing again.”

Cryptozoology News advised the man not to shoot the alleged creature and to gather photographic evidence instead.

The Pacolet resident claims he has told friends and family but that no one believes him.

“Everyone tells me I was imagining this,” he explains.

The town of Pacolet was founded in 1859 and has a population of 2,500.

In 2011, a South Carolina man claimed to have “clearly seen” a Bigfoot creature just outside his home in Lexington County.

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