Stop The INSANITY!!!! Please Dear God Stop the Insanity! (Video)

In their bid to oust and discredit our democratically elected President, the Democrats and the left have created an environment that can only be described as absolute insanity. First there was the now discredited Russian collusion angle. Since that has failed, they are moving on to obstruction of justice. And now sources are reporting that DOJ number 2 Rod Rosentein, the one who penned the memo recommending Comey’s firing, may potentially have to recuse himself from the Trump investigation.

In the following video, Right Wing News (now called Today’s Yellow Snow on YouTube for algorithmic purposes) examines this ongoing saga of lies and propaganda. In a bizarre statement, Rosentein is now alluding that he never mentioned potentially recusing himself. The issue of recusal aside, many law professionals are saying that there is absolutely no case for obstruction to be found. Of course, this won’t stop the witch hunt of Trump; at this point it’s more about attacking his public image rather than upholding the law.

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