The ‘Creepy Bigfoot’ Photograph from Canada

In 2011, Sanel Hodzic was reportedly walking with her dog in British Columbia’s Teapot Hill hiking trail, Canada, when she came upon a primate-like creature.

Hodzic claims that as she began “changing music” in her iPhone and “not really paying attention” to her surroundings, her canine friend started barking.

“I noticed something about 50 feet ahead of me,” she said on Bigfoot Encounters. “It was in the bushes.”

The Canadian woman, who reported being “scared and frozen”, said she kept staring at the purported animal until she decided to take a picture with her iPhone 4. She added that she used a “full zoom” in order to snap a closer picture.

The creature, she said, featured a “long face and bigger forehead”, with brown hair all over its body.

“It was about 9 feet tall and looked like an ape. I believe I saw a Sasquatch.”

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