The truth about the destabilization of Macedonia: NATO crashes "Silk Road in the valley of the Vardar "?

That is the devil to pay when they realized that the Chinese Silk Road announced the train from Piraeus to Budapest. Shortly after the US “stop” Russian gas pipeline “South Stream” resurrected “the Turkish Stream”. And that “malign influence” of Russia and the East in the Balkans should be prevented. That’s where the crisis in Macedonia.

When the US fight for his influence in the Balkans it is to “promote peace and stability in the region,” and when does Russia, it is its “malign influence” in the Balkans.

Without any hesitation, citing this statement, said on Wednesday a senior official of the US State Department at the meeting of the Subcommittee on Foreign Relations. The same Hoyt Brian Yee who rushed to Skopje last days of April with its peacekeeping role.

A how to video looks the whole of the Balkans, and beyond, over the past half a year on the case of Macedonia. When after the early parliamentary elections realized that once again the most votes have the power that they do not approve, drew their greatest asset in the Balkans that never fails – Albanians. For their support, or rather, complete obedience can always count, especially when their interests coincide, as in the case of Macedonia.

The result is a violation of long-agreed and always respected, albeit unwritten, rule that the government assembled the strongest and most powerful Macedonian Albanian party. But who cares about principles when US interest at stake.

So unprincipled to speed, after the elections, made the “tyrannical platform”, ie the conditions under which the Albanian parties in Macedonia will not form a coalition with the Macedonian party, which has agreed to SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. These conditions are evaluated as a first step toward federalization of Macedonia unconstitutional. But who cares for violation of the Constitution of Macedonia when US interests are at stake.

Macedonian party VMRO-DPMNE, which won the most votes again and from which the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, what beer brewing is committed to Euro-Atlantic integration for the American taste is much more often looked to Russia and the East. More and more intensive cooperation with Moscow, which was accompanied by stronger economic activity, a few months ago also marked the opening of the Macedonian business representative office in Russia.

That is the devil to pay the United States are estimated when the Chinese Silk Road announced the train from Piraeus to Budapest. Macedonia as the first stop on the way penetration of the Chinese economy and influence right in the center of the US ban, such as the EU, the United States was not desirable. Especially as after the Russian gas pipeline “South Stream”, which the United States is “successful” stop all “worrying” for diversified gas supply to Europe, resurrected “Turkish Stream”.

Even when Macedonia is estimated to welcome her leg that would hang onto “Turkish Stream” and solve the issue of supply of (Russian) gas, the US response was quite expected. Especially in circumstances where the Russian Federation after successfully played the role of Syria in a big way back to the international scene. Risk and the Balkans, and after approaching Russia and Turkey, the United States was completely unacceptable.

In the broader picture of looking at things, Macedonia was important destabilize. For as the Sputnik said analyst Aleksandar Pavic, unstable Macedonia prevents the execution of large projects and through the influence of Russia and China. So it is no wonder that at the beginning of the crisis in Macedonia announced NATO, irreplaceable American operative.

– When you can not keep order which suits him, NATO deliberately provoke a crisis and then trying to manage it. This is one of his specialties – said Pavic.

When asked about the geopolitical position of Macedonia with Zaev led government and ethnic Albanian parties in the parliamentary majority, an analyst from Skopje Branko ?or?evski says that they have already demonstrated loyalty to the West will be much more secure.

– Quite simply, what is required of this government will deliver it – says ?or?evski.

Balkan is the line of fire between Moscow and Washington, it is no secret, he says, noting that Macedonia will only share the fate of this confrontation.

Now, he said, Washington and Brussels to a larger offensive in relation to Russia’s attempts to have a greater influence in the region. Nevertheless, the assessment is that the gates of Moscow in Skopje will be closed.

– Today, nobody in the world does not want to close doors for cooperation with either side, particularly in the economy – said ?or?evski, noting that Ivanov as President of Macedonia continue to be open to cooperation with Moscow and that in this regard he has no reserves. After all, it is already known that the 24th and 25th of May will be a visit to Moscow, which was reported by the Assistant Russian President Vladimir Putin.

There is no doubt that during this visit to be said about the situation in Macedonia and the region. What are the goals of the Kremlin in the region, the US mediator in Macedonia Brian Yee said it was “very difficult to predict or read minds Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

– But I can say that based on the attempts in recent months in the region tended to increase the impact, they tried to dissuade them from turning to Western institutions, the EU and NATO, and to create the greatest possible dependence of these countries on Russia – said Ji addressing members of the Subcommittee for foreign Affairs in the US Senate.

According to the agency reports, the Chairman of the Subcommittee Republican Senator Dana Rohrabacher remained alone in his assessment that the views Jia and other senators who have spoken are like rusofobiju.

Jabba has hinted that Russia is a great power and has the right to try to extend its influence in some parts of the world, as do the United States.
Conciliator in Macedonia Ji, however, believes that “malign influence” of Russia in the Balkans should be prevented. That’s where the crisis in Macedonia. Therefore, the question of who’s next. Because Ji at the session of the Subcommittee dealt with the Serbia and Russian humanitarian center in Nis, whose “pure intention does not believe” spo?itao is encouraging Russia and the Republic of Serbian secession from BiH, but also stressed that the US supports the formation of a Kosovo army. Just to tell you that even the consent of the Serbian minority in Kosovo’s government. Whether and to have some Macedonian recipe? And all for the sake of the American “promotion of peace and stability in the region.”

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