These People Say they Have Audio of an ‘Angry Bigfoot’

Fla. — Three people on Saturday shared the audio file they claim contains the “angry” voice of a “large Bigfoot”.

A parabolic microphone is used to record nature’s sounds

Chris, Mark and Betty say they were using a parabolic microphone and trying a new method in order to get Bigfoot’s attention when they captured the unknown “angry” sounds. The method, it seems, consists of a projectile out of a small slingshot aimed at random spots in the Florida swamps.

“It sounds like a giant,” they wrote on a 31-minute-long YouTube video.

It is after 16 minutes of throwing rocks that the couple receives a “reply” through their homemade equipment. It is not clear whether the group actually believes they have hit a Bigfoot with their slingshot.

The audio reply, reportedly taken right before dark and shocking the two explorers, resembles a gorilla’s guttural sound and clicking noises like the alien from Predator.

“It’s gibberish words. I heard the clicking sounds when we played the video, so I need to study them.”

The team of friends have other videos where they claim Bigfoot shows up.

In 2015, researcher Randy Savig told Cryptozoology News he had recorded the sounds of a bipedal creature out of the Missouri woods.

Also in 2015,exclusive footage sent to Cryptozoology News containing an alleged Skunk Ape at the Lettuce Lake Park in Florida became an internet sensation just two days after its release. And even though some researchers, like Florida’s BFRO,  later believed the video was a hoax perpetrated by a musician from Tampa, Sasquatch enthusiast and investigator Tim Fasano was still looking for clues, as he appears to be on a personal quest to decipher the incident.

Chris, Mark and Betty, who own The Trail to Bigfoot channel, say they are trying to document the legendary creature in an “epic journey” through the swamps of Florida. They warn that if you watch their channel, you will come to the realization that “there is something out there”.

“Everything we film is the real deal,” they said. “This microphone was built from parts I found off the Internet and Lowes. It cost about $85 to assemble it,” explains Mark.

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