It is important to note which countries in the anti-Syria coalition are not part of the anti-Qatar coalition, specifically Turkey. The one thing Turkey and Qatar have in common besides funding and facilitating terrorists for the purpose of overthrowing the Syrian government, is support for the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, Turkey’s Erdogan has long supported the MB and has maintained close ties with them for years. Turkey is also currently debating the possibility of deploying Turkish troops to a base in Qatar.

So what we are seeing is, in part, an anti-Muslim Brotherhood coalition with the focus being placed on Qatar, the country which is seen as being perhaps the biggest patron of the organization.

The Iranian Element

A second aspect is the possibility that Qatar is cozying up to Iran, a development that the Saudis are absolutely terrified of. Indeed, if Qatar is warming up to the Iranians, KSA and its coalition would likely have the support of the United States since the U.S. is also attempting to break the Persian nation by as many means as are available. Israel too, would be horrified at the prospect of growing Iranian influence.

The Israeli Element

There is perhaps another reason that the Qataris are being cut off by Saudi Arabia and their coalition. Notice that one of the demands issued by the Saudis is not only that Qatar cut off support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but also that it cut off support for Hamas. Although, by now, it is well-known that Israel was responsible for the creation of Hamas for the purpose of splintering, radicalizing, and breaking the Palestinian opposition, there is the danger of the terrorist organization becoming unmanageable. It is also possible that the Israelis are planning some type of major operation that would render the Palestinian opposition – both political and military – nonexistent.

Fadel writes,

You see, folks, once the natural gas pipeline is completed from Iran, across Iraq, to Syria’s coast, Qatari gas will be so expensive that the country will float on its cash reserves for a couple of years and then, implode. No more Qatar.

Hmmmm. The Iranians thought. What if we let the Qataris in on the deal? What if we share the natural gas pipeline? What if we can drive a wedge between Qatar and the rest of the Arabian trash on the Gulf? Wouldn’t that be British of us?

And so, it has happened. Iran has agreed to give Qatar a share of its rights in the pipeline to Syria and Damascus has agreed as long as Qatar discontinues its support for Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all the other rat groups like Faylaq Al-Rahmaan. Soon, Qatar’s useless military officers will be withdrawn from MOK in Jordan. And, better yet, Qatar is now absolved from any further obligation to the so-called “Saudi coalition” in the very unpopular war in Yemen.

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