Will liberal lunacy split California into three states?

(INTELLIHUB) — Liberal lunatics in California have come up with a new plan to split the state into three states which they believe will lower taxes and allow for better infrastructure and education.

Such a bold move hasn’t been done since 1863 and goes to show that the Democrats will try anything to garner more votes by adding two additional blue platforms in the would-be states and two more electoral votes during the 2020 general election — a wormy maneuver, to say the least.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The proposal aims to invoke Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, the provision guiding how an existing state can be divided into new states. Draper’s plan calls for three new entities — Northern California, California and Southern California — which would roughly divide the population of the existing state into thirds.

Northern California would consist of 40 counties stretching from Oregon south to Santa Cruz County, then east to Merced and Mariposa counties. Southern California would begin with Madera County in the Central Valley and then wind its way along the existing state’s eastern and southern spine, comprising 12 counties and ultimately curving up the Pacific coast to grab San Diego and Orange counties.

Under the longshot proposal, Los Angeles County would anchor the six counties that retained the name California, a state that would extend northward along the coast to Monterey County. Draper’s campaign website argues the three states would have reasonably similar household incomes and enough industries to produce their own viable economies.

Needless to say, the Dems are desperate to derail the Trump train which is now steaming along full speed ahead after becoming perpetually fueled for the duration after the Trumpster’s recent signing of the denuclearization deal with North Korea which clearly drove west coast liberals mad.

A good example of this was Hollywood actor Robert De Niro’s recent “F–Trump” comment which he made at the Tony Awards on Sunday before raising his arms up like a champion. He did this merely because President Trump has done so much winning that the Bad Grandpa star can’t handle it.


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